Beauty School: How to Find the Right Blush for You

Beauty School: How to Find the Right Blush for You


how to find the best blush for you

A perennial sign of femininity and youth, women have been pinching, pasting, coloring and blushing their cheeks for a nice rogue since the days of Ancient Egypt. While the execution has evolved over the years, it wasn’t until recently that we really saw our blush options expand beyond the powder. Creams and stains have been giving the traditional powder a run for its money, so we decided to break down all of your blush options and decipher which texture is best for each skin type.

Powder Blush

The Basics: With a great buildable nature, powder blush is good for a subtle look, or anyone a bit color-shy. Unlike cream and stain blushes, powder sits on top of the skin, offering a more finished, natural look.

Best For: The ‘ole faithful of blush options, powder blush works well on all skin types. It’s also particularly great for oily skin, as it won’t feel heavy or greasy on your face.

Application Tips: For the longest-lasting rogue, apply foundation underneath to hold your color longer.

Cream Blush

The Basics: Cream blush is having an undeniable moment and we’re loving this dewy option, which blends seamlessly into skin.

Best For: Thanks to its soft texture, cream blush blends beautifully into skin and also hydrates as you’re wearing it—making it great for dry or aged skin.

Application Tips: Cream blushes have slightly more color intensity than powder, so a little goes a long way when blending.

Stain/Liquid Blush

The Basics: Usually the longest lasting of the bunch, stains and liquids offer a rosy, natural-looking flush that won’t budge.

Best For: Their durability makes liquid blush a great option for oily skin that is used to smudged or disappearing color.

Application Tips: When applying your stain act fast—dab and blend immediately because once the stain sets, it sets.


Which blush type are you using right now? Fill us in with a comment below!

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