5 Winter Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

5 Winter Beauty Mistakes to Avoid


winter beauty mistakes

You trade sundresses for chunky sweaters, switch from iced Americanos to hot pumpkin spice lattes, and swap scenic runs for sessions on the treadmill. Transitioning to cold weather is an undertaking that encompasses all aspects your world. We know you’d never step out in a snowstorm in brand new suede boots, but is your winter beauty regimen ironclad? Here are the five winter beauty mistakes you’d be wise to avoid.

1. Letting Static Get the Best of Your Hair

You take off your super cute beanie and your hair looks all too reminiscent of that photo of you in fifth grade at the science museum after the lesson in electricity. Sound familiar? Static tresses are an all too common winter beauty concern. Fight high-flying hair by keeping your mane properly moisturized. In a pinch, smooth a little hand cream over your strands, or be prepared and take dryers sheets with you on the go. One pass through your hair with a dryer sheet will eliminate all of that static electricity.

2. Spending Too Much Time in That Hot Shower

We know it’s the only thing getting you out of bed on dreary winter mornings and once you’re there it feels nearly impossible to leave, but keep your hot showers short and sweet. Soaking up the hot water can suck all of the moisture out of your skin and hair, leaving you with that dreaded winter dryness.

3. Forgetting to Upgrade Your Moisturizer

Speaking of winter dryness, now is the time to upgrade your skin care regimen. Choose a richer face cream for night and if your skin is particularly dry, you may not to swap in something that packs a little more moisture for daytime too. Just be sure you’re not sacrificing SPF for hydration. The sun’s rays are peeking through even on the darkest of winter days.

4. Sticking With Your Summer Bronzer

We miss our golden summer glows just as much as the next person, but unfortunately we’ve all got to let go of the past…at least for the next few months. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for adding warmth to the face, just do it with a flattering shade of blush and let the glow come from your favorite luminizer. If you can’t part with the bronzer, at least switch to a shade softer than your go-to from July.

5. Ditching the Waterproof Mascara

Just because you won’t be diving into a pool anytime soon, doesn’t mean waterproof mascara should be moved out of the rotation. That rather intense winter wind can do a number on your mascara application. To avoid leaving the house with lashes you love and arriving looking like you just finished watching The Notebook, stick with a waterproof formula.


What beauty mistakes do you try to avoid during the winter? Fill us in below.

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