The Benefits of Chair Decor

The Benefits of Chair Decor


Chair decor is one of our design favorites. Unfortunately, it is one of the most overlooked of details. Just think about it, who cares what the chair will look like when you can’t see it after you sit down? Well that may be true, but imagine arriving at someone’s home and their front yard looked like a mine field? Granted you won’t see if after you enter their home, but first impressions are everything. Chair decor is the first thing that you touch when arriving to your table. Like any table decor, decorating your chair complements the overall theme and is an added bonus that gets plenty of attention. Chair decor isn’t rocket science either. It only requires a vision to transform a simple folding chair into a beautiful design. There are a variety of ways in order to embellish your chair and it doesn’t take a lot with chair décor. From flowers, photo frames, silks, and even chair pads will do the trick. Chair decor can be slip covers, made out of fruit or pieces of art. However you create your chair décor ensure that it compliment the remaining event décor. Don’t be afraid to incorporate this type of décor at your event. Weddings are not the only event that can reap the benefits of this design inspiration. Here are a few photos to inspire you to consider chair décor at your next event. We at District Fete are happy to create design ideas for your specific needs. From birthdays, home dinner parties, weddings and galas, chair decor is the added touch needed at your event.


Photo: Style Me Pretty

Photo: Archetype Studios Inc.

Photo: Desiree Spinner Events

Photo: Elizabeth Anne Design

Photo: FionaLorne Photography

Photo: Hidden Key Designs

Photo: Minerva Photography

Photo: Pictillo

Photo: Style Me Pretty

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