A How To Guide For DIY Wedding Photographers

A How To Guide For DIY Wedding Photographers


Nov 07, 2013 | Posted by: abi s

    In order to get the same effects that a professional wedding photographer would you should use the same type of quality equipment that they do. You can easily rent all the equipment you need for two camera operators and lightening for far less than it would cost to hire a wedding photographer. Make sure you include insurance for the equipment in the price because to purchase a broken camera or light would be the ruin of you. Rent the equipment early enough to give your would be photographers a chance to practice with them and learn how to use them properly.
    Don't forget to rent the soft boxes, the tripods and memory cards. The soft boxes will be used to diffuse to light to give your photographs the soft ethereal wedding looks that we love so well. This will run you only about $200-$300 at the most. Can you now see the savings.
    College students always need money. Finding photography students in your town should not be very hard. Many work for the school newspapers and some are really very talented. These are already familiar with the photography techniques and using the latest technology to make photographs look anyway they want them too. For less than 1/3 of what you would spend on professionals you get two good photographers with a desire to please. They will know if you are satisfied that this could be the beginning of a supplement to their income for a long time.
    Since you do not have to pay for film, they can take as many pictures as their hearts desires and you can have them take all the poses you want. You are paying for the memory cards so all the proofs belong to you. They may charge you a bit extra for editing or you can attempt that feat yourself using photoshop.

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