Peach Wedding Details

Peach Wedding Details


While peach is often not as popular as its blush and coral color cousins, it is a really lovely color for spring weddings. Pale enough to pair with a wide variety of colors, it is universally cheery. And your bridesmaids will love how good it looks with a tan!

Peach colored wedding desserts look feminine without being too in-your-face girly.

Wanna have some modern monochromatic fun? Pair peach with shades of coral and champagne, and then throw in some gold for good measure.

Getting your fella to wear pink paisley? Uphill battle. But peach paisley? Far more acceptable. And these drop earrings? You'll wear them long after you pair them with your wedding dress.

For those of you having a Georgia peach wedding, I hereby order you to buy these koozies as favors for your guests. It's simply a crime not to.

This pale peachy-champagne dress will have your guests envying your good taste even more than when they receive these invitations (and they didn't think that would be possible).

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