Indoor Garden Party Bridal Shower

Indoor Garden Party Bridal Shower


Normally we would not start out showing you the cake, but it was just so cute we had to. In fact before we jump into this over the top amazing indoor garden party bridal shower you have to see all the sweets. Now if you think the dessert table is amaze, wait 'til you see the rest of this garden party bridal shower.

Let's just say this shower has serious steal worthy ideas and then some. Designed by Melissa Baum Events and decked out in gorgeous blooms from Blush and Bloom you will be floored by the shear beauty of this day! Plus we have a super cute printable for a classic Bridal Shower game and even more amazing photos captured by Mango Studios in the full gallery here. Prepare to pin ladies.

Yes ...this dessert table looks like it jumped right out of a magazine. With pretty in pink popcorn, couture candy apples, French Macrons, and one seriously amazing cake designed by Nadia & Co

From Melissa Baum Events:
From our very first meeting, the bride to be, Renata, had the theme and concept down pat. She wanted a Secret Garden. With just a few games in mind and of course the theme, we set off to bring the Secret Garden idea to reality.

After a few venue changes, we found the perfect spot - The Spoke Club situated in the heart of downtown. The room had a rustic vibe and was the perfect neutral backdrop to "grow" our secret garden. The Spoke Club took care of all the catering for the lunch and did an excellent job. Anista Designs was also responsible for the escort cards which were in the form of tags attached to vintage keys and placed on a moss board. The bride and mom were extremely crafty and created the board themselves! You can't have a secret garden without flowers and greenery. So we enlisted Blush and Bloom to create a garden oasis. Guests entered the secret garden by passing through a glamorous garland draping the front doors. Once inside, mixed blooms filled each table adorned with little creatures, vintage book pages, and moss. As guests said their goodbyes, they had hand wrapped soaps in hand with custom labels reading "Soap Glad You Could Come!"

Who Has the Groom game:
Start by downloading our super cute groom template here, then quickly flip through a magazine and cut out as many celebrities face as you need. Paste them onto your "grooms" being sure to make one of the faces the real groom! Stuff them into the envelopes and set them out on your welcome table.

As your guests arrive have them pick an envelope and remind them not to open them until you tell them it is time. Let your guests mingle a bit and then whenever you're ready tell them to open it up! Whoever has the REAL groom is the winner!

To complete the theme, each table featured facts about Renata's bridesmaids labeled as "Secrets from the Garden." The head table had special treatment with hanging globes atop of it. Blush and Bloom outfitted everything from the book shelf to the gift table, a bicycle and lemonade stand! What also caught everyone's eyes was the sweet table with desserts from Nadia & Co. Sitting atop a vintage desk, the table featured hand painted pink macarons, pink popcorn, candy apples and a cake that was truly a work of art. The sweet table was complete with signage by Anista Designs.

Photography: Mango Studios
Coordinator: Melissa Baum Events
Venue & Caterer: The Spoke Club
Flowers: Blush and Bloom
Cake: Nadia & Co
Makeup: Renata De Thomasis
Prop/furniture rentals: Key Event Rentals

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