I Don't Mind If I Only Have Sex Twice A Month

I Don't Mind If I Only Have Sex Twice A Month



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Young couples have a lot of sex, right? Not all of them.

Erin Soehren, a freelance writer, said that she and her fiancé have sex between two and four times per month. She explained to HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker that she never saw this as being problematic until she started comparing herself to other couples.

"What happened was I started looking at everybody else," Soehren said. "That's where I went wrong, because what we had discovered was our natural pattern, and I started looking at other people and how much they were having sex. I started to compare ourselves, and you really can't do that because nobody else defines you better than you."

She said it wasn't until she started focusing on other parts of her relationship that she started to feel more at ease.

Watch the full conversation about why young couples have sexless relationships below:

"What I started doing was I was being aware of our relationship. I was paying attention to things that were going on, if my needs were getting met in other ways. if I was getting the validation, and ultimately I was," Soehren said. "It wasn't until I started second-guessing our relationship that I actually had problems."

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