These Sites Will Change The Way You Shop For Furniture

These Sites Will Change The Way You Shop For Furniture



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Spring has come and gone and the only "refreshing" you managed to get done was finally getting your duvet into the washing machine. We get it -- upgrading your home takes time and, well, money.

And we all approach that refresh differently. For some of us there's the friends and family discount or sample sale. For others, there are the retail websites whose singular mission is to bring us designer furniture at bargain prices -- which, let's face it, are the best kind of retail websites there are. And with these we're talking old favorites and late adopters to the online shopping scene; those places where eBay meets designer showrooms and relationship-ending meltdowns don't exist. (Yes, we're looking at you, IKEA.)

Here's why we love them and why you should love them, too.

This five-year-old flash-sale site is still the place to go for new and vintage home goods and daily inspiration by way of its editorially-driven blog.

What You'll Find: Timeless pieces like silver mint julep cups, chinoiserie furniture and all manner of thing evoking the French countryside. "New" classics, including blue and white Hmong textiles, brass animals and vintage matchstrikers are also often thrown into the mix.
Price Range: Accessories to furniture from $6 to roughly $5,000
Good To Know: One Kings Lane's vintage team is comprised of merchants with specialized academic and professional backgrounds in the antique and vintage industry.

This 70,000-member marketplace (pronounced "curb") is about buying and selling locally. Since its founding, the site has offered a shipping option for decor-hunters who want to buy one-of-a-kind items in other cities.

Price Range: High-end designer items range from $800 (for lamps and small furnishings) to $10,000 (for large pieces).
What You'll Find: Everything from late 19th century furniture, a Victorian aquarium and iconic mid-century designs, including Adrian Pearsall tables and Herman Miller Eames loungers in pristine condition. A recent luxury collection featured the stunning pair of Dux Folke Ohlsson chairs, shown here.
Good To Know: Although the Krrb classifieds are billed as being "gloriously uncurated," they actually are edited by Krrb staffers to make sure that the listings remain free of mass-produced items.

Though its primary focus is fashion and beauty, the ingenuity that is The Hunt -- a sit that uses crowd-sourcing to help you find items you're looking for -- is destined before long to fulfill our home-decor-shopping dreams.

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What You'll Find: Any amazing piece you've spotted on Pinterest or Tumblr, but weren't sure where to buy.
Price Range: It all depends on the retailer where your dream item is sold.
Good To Know: In addition to crowd-sourcing details on that specific sofa, rug or bedding set, the site also allows you to post a photo of what you're looking for, specify your budget and the community will find similar suggestions for you.

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Hiring a designer is one way to get your hands on some magazine-worthy, high-end goods, but let's face it, few of us really have a budget for that. Enter Decorist, who'll take a photo of your room and send you back two mood boards picked out by a real-life design pro with products within your price range.

What You'll Find: Style-based home decor and furniture finds (i.e. if you like modern you won't see the same items as someone with more traditional taste), plus "bite-sized" design advice through three affordable designer services.
Price Range: Designer services range from a free designer Q&A to a $169 Mini-Makeover.
Good To Know: The Decorist experience starts with a proprietary, interactive design profile, from which the site's team of "treasure-hunters" hand picks every one of the finds customers see. (Translation: You don't have to sign up for every flash-sale site to find that one perfect rug you've been hunting for -- these experts will do it for you.)


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