Pieter & Anine's Pepper Tree Wedding

Pieter & Anine's Pepper Tree Wedding


For the more romantic bride, Wedding Friends is sharing Pieter & Anine's Pepper Tree Wedding. This wedding is shared by our dear friend Francois Slabbert from Palm Photography. This Bloemfontein based photographer always delivers very professional and creative work and we are so honored to have him as part of of the Wedding Friends team. Have a look at what he has to offer today.

We met almost 9 years ago in school. I was new in town and he was a rebel! We became friends but he always liked me (he won't admit it!). So 4 years ago we met up where I started to fall for him, but he was moving half way across the country! But where there is love, there is a way. 6 Months later we started going out - long distance. We did that for the first year and half of our relationship and survived! We have been together for 4 years and married for two months.

I said Yes | How did the proposal go down.

I hate surprises so I had to know when he was popping the question. We visited my parents on their farm one weekend and I knew it was going to happen! I started snooping in his luggage but couldn't find the ring, so I was a bit let down. He assured me that the ring wasn't finished yet and that there will be no question on that weekend. I was sooo disappointed! So to cheer me up we went for a walk where he went down on one knee, under a beautiful big tree. I was walking on and didn't see my poor husband- he was sitting there for a quite a while! When I saw him, the earth stopped moving. It was perfect!

The Big Day | Tell us the most memorable moment of your wedding day.

It was probably when we were saying our vows in the chapel. Sharing a moment like that is so special and unforgettable. I get goosebumps every time I think about it!

I Quote | Describe in one sentence your wedding day.

Sharing our love with all the special people in our lives with great food, music, wine and dancing until we couldn't stand on our feet anymore!

Forever & Always | Any advice for future brides.

Planning, planning and more planning! Don't leave anything for your wedding week, it gets hectic. Type out a detailed timeline of the day at least 3 months before so that you and the service providers can plan to the T. Make sure you have written correspondence from anyone that you are paying for a service- don't depend on anyone's word, get it on paper! And finally, make every second count, it goes by so fast!

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