Nautical Rope Coaster DIY

Nautical Rope Coaster DIY


We're especially excited to share today's DIY project from Belle Strachan. These nautical rope coasters look more difficult to make than they actually are and we think they would make perfect wedding favors or table decor for guests! Or, if like us, you don't have a wedding coming up, they would be a fun project for your house or friends!


3 yards rope per coaster
glue or thread

Directions ( based on this post with a video!)

1. Start by drawing the basic shape of the coaster on a piece of paper. You'll use this as your guide for shaping the rope.
2. Follow the steps above to create the basic shape of the coaster. It's easiest to tape the first loops to the paper and use them as a guide for the inner loops. Once you complete the basic shape with five points, repeat the process three more times.
3. Flatten out the coaster and then use the lighter to melt the two ends of the rope to keep them from fraying.
4. Secure the ends with a little bit of glue or sew them to the chords next to them.

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