Summer & Robin: The Lingerie Dilemma

Summer & Robin: The Lingerie Dilemma


It's almost 2015! I get married, turn 30, and loose 25lbs in 2015. (Yep this is my holy heck I'm getting old 'Bridget Jones' blog post.)

So one of my most deepest darkest wedding based conundrums, I really don't know if it's a massive faux pas to actually talk about it or not. The fight club of wedding planning if you will...

Sexy undies or control pants!?!?

I know I'm not the only one with this dilemma! Come on ladies, if you've been with your man for 10 years you don't think twice about putting on giant pants when the occasion calls for it. My wedding day *should* be one of those occasions were I want to look a little less lumpy, but it's so much more complicated than that!

Ideally I would just wear an expensive, sexy (not too sexy, like demure bridal sexy) underwear set, maybe even suspenders. To look my best though, I would have a thigh to chest skin coloured control body suit thing. I would look like a weird human sausage woman without my dress on, but with it on **boom** I'd look great!

I have considered doing a sneaky change from sausage suit to sexy lady wife as I get undressed at the end of the evening. The honest truth about that is I would never be bothered to do it, I would be too drunk, tired, happy to bother about sneaking into the bathroom to conceal my sausage body from Robin. The last option is to rock my sausage suit Beyonce style, and spend three times as much on a killer collection of undies for the honeymoon.

I'm not fully committed to owning my potential bridal sausage bod just yet. To be honest the women in the expensive control body wear on net-a-porter look great...but they are women that look great in anything. I especially like the ones that look like nude body con dresses, I think I'm going to have to hunt one down to try on.

I really do need one because, although my dress isn't tight, it's the opposite of poofy. I will not be a princess, there is no lace or netting or ruffles or anything. It's so hard to keep it a secret, but Robin hasn't seen it and I just can't give too many clues.

My dress was the first thing I bought and I ordered it online! Shocking!! I know I know its a massive no no to order online, I love it though. I have said before it's a Temperley dress, it's not from their bridal range. All I will say is that it has 70s vibes...ahhhhhh

For my hair I'm currently channeling the 70s idea and obsessing about big Jerry Hall type frizzy curls. I have huge hair anyway and I've never ever considered hair extensions before (not for length but volume) I would love to try some out though. How do you match them up with your hair colour/type? If you have natural curls how do you curl them? I think I probably just want clip in hair is definitely big enough for day to day giant volume.

We are going to hit the sales in search of Robins suit after Christmas. Wish us luck! He doesn't have a specific suit in mind, but he is thinking he wants a light linen three piece suit to match our relaxed outdoor summer theme. Or maybe a brown tweedy wool number. We had ordered a linen Zara suit a few months ago but the arms were a fraction too short. Not enough for it to be a massive issue for any other occasion, but something that he couldn't get over for the wedding.

Robins underwear isn't something I'd thought about until just now. I suppose there are special mens undies, not that he needs control pants (not that he has nothing to control) haha. I had thought about getting him some posh socks to match his best man, but pants haven't crossed my mind. And if they haven't crossed mine they most certainly haven't crossed his!

He does have to decide whether he goes for a tie, bow-tie, no tie. I think I would prefer bow-tie or no tie, but I'll leave it up to him to decide. I'd love his accessories to come from a small handcrafted businesses. I know of a few brands that fit our style in the states, like Forage, but I'd love to find something similar and handmade in the UK.

For my accessories I am definitely sticking with my teensy diamond ring theme and want understated jewellery. My ring was handcrafted by Bittersweets NY and I love their pieces, also I covet anything and everything from Catbird (which also stocks Bittersweets NY pieces). I am thinking about some very simple gold earrings and a bracelet. I wouldn't want a necklace, but I have considered a small locket to keep a little photo of my baby girl Celeste who we will be missing on the day.

I hope you all have a very very Merry Christmas and a happy super duper fun New Year!

We are planning on celebrating our one year engagaversary on Christmas Day at home 'helping' Emmett play with his toys and necking semi-posh booze.

Christmas kisses and love to you.

See you in 2015!

Bridget Jones



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