29 stylish ways to rock your wedding glasses

29 stylish ways to rock your wedding glasses


I didn't end up wearing my glasses when I got married, but after looking through Offbeat Bride's archive of brides in glasses, I wish I would have gotten at least ONE photo with them!

These brides are absolutely working their glasses - I've got over 20 photos curated here with brides in red, purple, and turquoise frames, big and bold cat-eyes, and even frameless. Oh, and you know there's at least one pair of Warby Parkers in here.

1. Glasses and torch singing go hand in hand.

2. What's a torch singer without some studded cat-eye frames tho?

3. Glasses and gamers and gorgeous gowns.

4. Pink for the glasses and the dress and the cake, please and thanks.

5. Actually, a thick pink frame is a pretty damn great alternative to thick black ones.

6. Just rollin' in style here.

7. Wedding hats need to come back. Cloche hats and glasses for everyone!

8. Know what else needs to come back? Round, rimless frames. Think Harry Potter, but older.

9. Black veil, orange eyeshadow, killer frames.

10. Caketoppers with glasses. I die.

11. Keepin' it real with glasses and beer.

12. OMG could these BE more perfect for wedding glasses?

13. Purple frames and a green dress are the most complementary things.

14. Oh, you'd rather have green frames?

15. Stay casual with spiked hair, a sleeveless shirt, and sweet frames.

16. Green birdcage veil and classy red frames. Mwah.

17. Hollywood glamour with this birdcage veil over the white frames.

18. Or maybe "Hollywood glamour" for you means red, browline cat-eyes?

19. TURQUOISE FRAMES. And the gray dress and the pink fascinator and OH.

20. So much win. Orange French manicure, fab red hair, and thick black frames.

21. Of course, clear frames are always a good choice too.

22. A bowtie, a plaid vest, and some two-tone frames, and you're good to go.

23. YES, a bride should wear glasses with her bikini if at all possible.

24. What's more summery than a pair of frames called "Citron?"

25. Because black frames are perfect for calling out your fabulous blue liner.

26. Because FUCK yes.

27. Also in the fuck-yes category: winged tortoise-shell cat-eye frames.

28. Beaded dress, check. Beautiful laugh, check. Stunning frames, CHECK.

29. It's all about the heart, right? I mean, blood-red frames are totally wedding appropriate, yes?

Are you wearing glasses on your wedding day? Ones you've worn forever, or are you taking the plunge with some stylish new frames? Tell me how you're going to rock the glasses look!

Chris Wolfgang

Chris is a writer and editor in Omaha, Neb. She'll talk your ear off about independent webcomics, animated film, and Ultimate Frisbee.

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