Hairstyles to Rock When You're Riding With the Top Down

Hairstyles to Rock When You're Riding With the Top Down


In just a couple months, spring will be here, bringing with it warmer temperatures, sundresses and beautiful lush, green landscapes. One of our favorite pasttimes for warmer months is riding around with the top down and blasting our favorite cruisin' tunes. However, it seems that after the joyride is over, we're snapped out of our euphoric and Zen state with one look in the mirror. Post-convertible ride hair is not cute, to say the least. No matter the type and texture, manes always wind up resembling Medusa's snake-y locks. Not cute. We want you to enjoy the season of riding with the top down, so we've come up with 4 full-proof hairstyles that will survive any joyride!

1. Embrace the Head Wrap

Channel your inner Elizabeth Taylor and wrap your hair in a scarf before hopping into your snazzy convertible. All you need to do is fold the scarf in half and wrap it around the head, tying it under your chin or behind the neck. Pair it with a pair of oversized, retro shades and you will be one glam gal!

The versatile top knot is ideal for a convertible car ride. Just sweep your hair up into a sleek pony; wrap it into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Spritz the style with some hairspray (we love Garnier UV Color Shield Aerosol Anti-Humidity Hair Spray) to avoid flyaways.

Nothing goes with a hip, fun convertible like an equally hip and fun hairstyle, and a pumped up pony is a perfect fit! Give your traditional pony an extra boost by doubling it up and you won't have to deal with a flattened pony, post-car ride.

Rock one of the year's hottest trends while cruising in your convertible! The beautifully bohemian milkmaid braided hairstyle is ideal for keeping your locks in tact and showing your stylish side. For an easy, no fuss style, braid your hair into two plaits and wrap them across the top of your head. Secure them with bobby pins. Finish off by spritzing your locks with hair spray and you're ready to roll (literally)!

What's your favorite hairstyle for riding with the top down? Spill in the comments below!

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