Weekly Wedding Tip: Alterations

Weekly Wedding Tip: Alterations



Getting married involves so many decisions, many of which you have probably never had to even think about before. With so much going on, it's easy to forget about having your wedding dress altered. However, alterations are one of the most important issues involving your wedding dress. Alterations are how you achieve the perfect fit. After all, a wedding gown is the most photographed dress of a woman's entire life, so it must have the perfect fit and must lay perfectly against her every curve. Bridal alterations can be expensive, but yet A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND. Wedding dresses have much more complicated constructions, with boning, underlining, beading, and layers of tulle, so the alterations take longer. Imagine altering the bodice of a beaded strapless gown or altering a wedding dress with an elaborate bustle.

Gown from lace bridal in Brandon, MS. Photography by Andy Barnhart

Every wedding dress has its own distinct shape, as does every woman's body. The purpose of alterations is to compliment the bride's unique figure. No two brides are alike whether you are a size small, medium, or large. If alterations are done well, your gown will move with you.

If alterations aren't done well (or done at all). . .imagine pulling on your strapless dress all night, tripping on your hem while walking down the aisle, or struggling to dance, eat, or breathe with a bodice that is too tight. These worst-case scenarios can be prevented! Here are some tips which will help when planning for the alterations process.

  • Budget for your alterations cost.
  • Before you purchase or order a gown, have the store seamstress assess your gown for alterations cost. In most cases this will prevent alterations from costing more than the gown's purchase price.
  • The most common alterations for a wedding gown are the hem, the sides, and the bustle.
  • Entrust your gown to a credible, professional seamstress.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the whole experience. You should set your appointment in advance. Bridal season is always busy and schedules fill fast.

While these are some of the major issues to consider for any bridal alterations, you may find more questions that may apply to your particular gown. A good seamstress knows what questions will be asked, will most likely have the answers, and can help you achieve the perfect fit for your big day.

Gown from Imaginations Bridal in Brookhaven, MS. Picture courtesy of Alisa Chapman Photography

Q: What physical conditions should brides keep in mind, in terms or weight? A: If you intend to lose weight before the wedding, set realistic goals and organize a healthy diet plan.

Q: How many times will a bride have to return to a boutique for fittings? A: This all depends on how much work needs to be done, at least 2-4 fittings.

Q: What are the rules for picking undergarments for the gown? A: The style of your gown will determine the appropriate undergarments, such as bra and slips. Your fitter will also suggest the best undergarment for your needs.

Keep in mind, this advice is to enhance your wedding day experience, so follow the above advice and enjoy your special day!

Gown from Mimi's Bridal in Laurel, MS. Picture courtesy of Scruggs Photography.

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