Jenna Lyons on What's Fresh for Fall | Nordstrom Fashion Blog

Jenna Lyons on What's Fresh for Fall | Nordstrom Fashion Blog


We've been crushing on J.Crew since high school. Before Normcore even existed, the company's classic tees and V-neck sweaters were our unofficial school uniform. And like any enduring relationship-sartorial or schoolmates-evolution is a natural part of growing together. As our clothing tastes matured, J.Crew, too, seemed to become more sophisticated and fashion-oriented. In no small part that's due to creative director and president Jenna Lyons's vision.

Now that J.Crew has arrived at Nordstrom, we feel like we're entering another phase in our ever-blossoming clothing companionship. We took a minute to catch up with the busy and beautiful Jenna Lyons to take stock in this new partnership and hear what she has in store for us this fall. Like running into the cool girl on the first day back at school-we got a little giddy.

Why does it make sense for J.Crew to be at Nordstrom?

Nordstrom is the quintessential American company. Family run-they have maintained a unique place in the American customers mind. Nordstrom prides themselves in first-rate customer service as well as relevant fashion and classic pieces. J.Crew shares that same ethos and for that reason, we are immensely excited and proud to be working with Nordstrom.

Sketch by Somsack Sikhounmuong for J.Crew. Is there a single item from the collection that you feel really encapsulates fall 2016?

For us, there is never one piece alone that sums up a collection. The magic is in the mix-denim paired with something unexpected-cashmere with chinos-a vibrant pink in a classic blazer.

Which piece from this collection are you most excited to wear?

One of my favorite pieces is the shirting stripe ruffle top. It marries the flirtiness of ruffles with the classic stripe of a men's button down shirt.

What is one thing someone could do or buy to refresh his or her fall look this year?

A pop of color or a new high-waisted jean-two easy ways to give your wardrobe a bit of freshness.

Is there a color that seems really fresh this fall?


J.Crew swatches and mood board, photos by Bryan Derballa for J.Crew. Do you have any styling guidelines that you personally regularly follow?

Everyone is different-what works for me might not work for others. I'm 6' tall so I love a cropped pant and a heel-because it makes me look taller! I think people should always play to their strengths. And, don't fall prey to trends.

Jenna Lyons, photo by Clement Pascal. What is the best piece of style advice you've ever been given?

Have a signature (item/piece/look). It's what makes you, you-and not a version of someone else.

Jenna Lyons, photo by Clement Pascal. What is the best piece of career advice you've received?

Do what you love-there is no replacement for passion. Hard work is easier when you are excited about you're doing.

How do you feel about being a style icon?

I feel humbled anyone would ever use that term to describe me-there are ICONS like Jane Birkin, Marilyn Monroe, Steve McQueen... I certainly don't sit among those icons-so I am immensely flattered by any mention of the word.

Who do you follow closely on Instagram?

@animaladdicts, @amy_sall, @bat_gio, @botanicaetcetera, @70sbabes, @manrepeller, @gilesandbrother, @lenadunham.

What are some simple pleasures you're enjoying of late?

Summer bike rides with my son. Ice cream for breakfast. Family naps.

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-Britt Olson

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