39 Getting Ready Wedding Photos Every Bride Should Have - Weddingomania

39 Getting Ready Wedding Photos Every Bride Should Have - Weddingomania


The web is full of wedding pics now, and it makes us dizzy. Yet there are some photos that every couple should have - breathtaking, touching to tears, inspiring - that you frame after your big day and will look at them many times. What are the best ideas for such touching pics?

Photos With Your Mom And Grandma

The moments when you are getting ready and your mom and grandma bless you and help you with preparations are the most intimate ones. Show off your engagement rings, the tree of you, and feel the happiness of the moment when you are all together. Feel it and make sure that your photographer makes the best shots with these two important people in your life.

Getting Ready Pics With Your Bridesmaids

Of course, you will take a lot of pics with your best gals but make sure to take getting ready ones. These pics are more informal, everybody is relaxed and real emotions flood these photos, so you will definitely love them. Besides, your girls should make sure that you look perfect and are ready for getting married and they will show off your gown and veil the best way possible.

Your Wedding Dress And Accessories

Show off your wedding dress hanging it somewhere in the venue or even outdoors if the surroundings are beautiful. This is a very inspiring picture that will remind you how beautiful you looked on that day. Your wedding accessories will be beautiful details pictured, we know that you were choosing them carefully for a long time, so show them off, girl!

Boudoir-Styled Photos

Boudoir shoots as a gift to the groom and to yourself are very popular now but many brides don't dare to show off their beauty. Make a couple of boudoir-styled shots before you go and you won't regret it! And your groom will be happy to see such pics as a surprise.

Pictures With Your Pets

Get a fluffy little friend? Take pics with him or her! Besides making him or her a ring bearer, incorporate your beloved pet into your getting ready pics, and they will look aw-so-cute for sure!

From The Back

Take a picture from the back when you are dressed, this is a fabulous idea for every bride. If you have a train or some intricate detailing or a backless dress, this is a way to show them off, and even if not - such a photo will look amazing. In front of a window, mirror, fireplace or somewhere else, it's up to you.

Outdoor Bridal Pictures

When you are ready, go outside and find a beautiful spot to make a couple of pictures of you. let your photographer take some photos of you thinking, dreaming and just standing there enjoying the fresh air, sunlight and nature if any. There's no better backdrop than stunning natural sceneries or beautiful big cities.

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