Effortlessly Elegant Truvelle 2017 Wedding Dresses - Weddingomania

Effortlessly Elegant Truvelle 2017 Wedding Dresses - Weddingomania


Hey, loves! We have already shared some beautiful wedding gowns by Truvelle, and today we are going to impress you with more cool dresses but from the fresh 2017 collection. These gowns are not only subtle and gentle, they also feature hot trends in the wedding world: plunging necklines, statement backs and ballet-style gowns, they are flowy and airy and amazing for the spring and summer weddings, so if you are getting ready for your nuptials, make sure to see all of them.

Truvelle 2017 is unlike any other collection the made-in-Canada brand has designed thus far. For the 2017 collection, Truvelle founder Gaby Bayona has led her team to all new creative heights and boundaries, exploring a more flirtatious side of the Truvelle bride with plunging necklines and an emphasis on backless details. Plunging necklines are among the hottest current wedding trends, so these gowns are really fashionable. While it very clearly sets itself apart with new and bold features you won't find elsewhere, the 2017 collection is also a swoon-worthy hybrid of past collections, keeping hold to the Truvelle charm brides fell for from the beginning.

Truvelle has always been in a league of their own with bridal trends, filling the gap in past season markets with the introduction of both warm and cool tones. The current palette is sure to meet expectations as it pulls from an array of sandy hues and shades of white the brand predicts will woo the 2017 bride. With fresh takes on old favorites, Truvelle 2017 introduces extra-modern cuts and features like geometric straps and elegant wrap-around styling, while also satisfying the bride seeking a classic bodice. Some of such gowns look like ballet ones, this is one more hot trend in modern weddign world. The bold lines and uncommon characteristics of the new collection partnered with classic silhouettes will please both the trend-seekers and quintessential brides alike. Get inspired!

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