8 Bridal Boudoir Shoot Tips And 31 Ideas - Weddingomania

8 Bridal Boudoir Shoot Tips And 31 Ideas - Weddingomania


Bridal boudoir shoots are getting more and more popularity, such shoots are a big gift for your groom and for yourself, they show your beauty and confidence. Some brides go to special boudoir shoots, other prefer to have some pics taken on the wedding day, while getting ready. Want such a shoot and don't know what to wear and try? Here are some tips that may be useful.

Find Your Photographer

The main thing is to find a photographer that you feel comfortable with because you'll have to be naked, partly or completely in front of him or her. Meet face-to-face before your shoot to understand if it's your person.

Get Ready

Before the shoot you need to have your nails and hair done, spritz yourself with your favorite perfume. You will look amazing and you'll feel more confident, that's necessary for the shoot. Choose songs that you'll listen to during the session to have a right mood. Have breakfast to feel comfy and arrive on time not to rush.

Bring A Variety Of Lingerie

Bring various camisoles, garters, corsets and vintage nightgowns to make different types of pics and to choose between them if your mood changes.

Use Your Wedding Accessories

This is a bridal boudoir, whether it's on your wedding day or on another day, so using your bridal accessories is a great idea, which will make your looks even more special. Your veil, jewelry, shoes, hair accessories, garter belt and any other bridal accessories will make you look sexier and more chic, and your wedding shoes will remind of your amazing look on your big day.

Wear Something Of His

This is incredibly sexy and every groom will appreciate it. His shirt, tie, sweatshirt with his favorite team jersey is fun alternative to traditional lingerie and you will amaze and surprise him with that.

Use Thigh High Stockings

This is a must-have accessory, which is sure to make your look sexy if you have a panty set that comes with a garter belt. Such stockings visually lengthen and slim down your legs.

Accessorize With Necklaces

Statement necklaces and strands of pearls will be great accessories for your bridal boudoir shoot. They also highlight your cleavage and can be the focal point of interesting boudoir photos where the rest of your body is out of focus. Pearls paired with just panties look refined and just wow, so consider this idea!

Put On Heels

High heels are magical, they make any of your looks just sexy besides making your legs longer. Bring your wedding shoes or just several pairs of stilettos of different colors to fit your lingerie looks. Have a look at the ideas below to get inspired!

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