40 Charming And Romantic Lavender Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania

40 Charming And Romantic Lavender Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania


Lavender is a beautiful flower that inspires with its beauty and unforgettable scent, and that is very popular for any kinds of romantic décor. Why not choose this flower as a wedding theme? Today we are sharing some charming lavender wedding ideas that will prove you that lavender is a perfect choice.

Lavender Fields For Your Ceremony

Lavender fields are breathtaking! Whether it's Provence or any other place, it's ideal for your wedding ceremony or maybe the celebration, too. If not, at least go there to take some photos, believe me, they will be amazing!

Lavender Wedding Décor

If you've chosen lavender as a wedding theme, you should include it in your wedding décor. Decorate your aisle and chair backs with lavender: attach lavender bouquets to the aisle chairs or benches and cover the chair backs with tulle and add lavender. Lavender is amazing for creating lovely rustic centerpieces: place a wood log on the table, then lavender in a jar and a candle, so you'll get a cute decoration. A crate with lavender in jars is another cool idea, and basically lavender in a jar in any combos is a nice idea, potted and planted lavender is also chic. Fill a box with lavender and put escort card in skewers into it.

Lavender Wedding Favors

Give lavender seeds in packets as guest favors or let your guests take them themselves. Top bourbon bottles with lavender or make lavender candles in jars to give as gifts. You can also wrap lavender with burlap or kraft paper and offer to your guests.

Lavender Wedding Bouquets And Boutonnieres

Lavender looks amazing in one-flower bouquets, very simple and romantic. It can be also mixed with spikes, various white or ivory flowers and purple roses. Lavender floral crowns look stunning and romantic, and guys can wear lavender boutonnieres.

Lavender Wedding Treats

Choose a frosted wedding cake and top with lavender and rosemary. Semi naked and naked cakes can be topped with lavender, too, and they will look amazing. Add lavender macarons and serve lavender lemonade for your guests, feel the romance!

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