38 Beautiful Spring Bridesmaids' Dresses - Weddingomania

38 Beautiful Spring Bridesmaids' Dresses - Weddingomania


We start sharing the cutest ideas for spring weddings because the preparation for them is in full swing now. One of the first roundups is about bridesmaids' dresses, I'm going to show you're the best ideas from the web.

As for the bridesmaids' dresses, the hottest trends are off the shoulder ones, pastel ones, flowy strapless maxi dresses and of course floral print gowns. The first ones look very feminine, floral and pastel ones is what traditionally is chosen for spring and summer weddings. Bridesmaids' separates are also a hot trend but choose them in case you don't choose such an outfit for yourself.


Pastel colors are very popular for spring because they are soothing an eye after pale and crispy white winters. Pastel shades fit any appearance type and look beautiful and feminine, so if these colors fit your wedding color scheme, why not choose pastels for the girls? Pastel green, blush, dusty blue and yellow, soft cream shades are ideal for rocking.

The dresses can be different: off the shoulder or strapless, short or maxi, lace or chiffon. You can also mismatched dresses to express every girl's personality, or highlight your maid's of honor look with some different dress, or go for cute mix and match looks for the girls. Flowy halter neckline dresses are especially trendy for the spring.

Floral Dresses

Floral print gowns are very popular both for spring and summer because blooms are adorable and such dresses are very girlish. Try beautiful pastel floral print dresses, they can be in the same or different shades, prefer flowy maxi ones because they will look very spring-like. They can be of different looks and even mixed and matched with usual pastel ones for those girls who want it. vibrant watercolor dresses are another cool ideas, watercolor touches got popularity last year and they are going to pop up for a long time.

Bold Shades

If your wedding is in vibrant colors, why not keep them for bridesmaids' dresses? Raspberry, lavender, grey, blue, pink, orange, yellow, green - anything that comes to your mind is great! Long maxi sweetheart strapless dresses are right what you need for a cool look. Mix several shades of the same color to create an ombre effect or just mix and match the dresses.

Bridesmaids' Separates

Separates both for bridesmaids and brides have become a huge trend, and they are super cool for creating ethereal spring looks. If you want something cute, you can dress your girls into plain white or lace tops and flowy skirts of tulle or chiffon. Choose skirts in various shades: coral, pink, blue, green or any other that fits your color scheme. You can also create a bold contrast choosing blue skirts and navy tops, for example.

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