Dreamy Disney-Themed Same Sex Wedding - Weddingomania

Dreamy Disney-Themed Same Sex Wedding - Weddingomania


From the candlelit ceremony to the luxurious reception, this is a celebration that is a real dream came true. Both grooms have always held a special place in their hearts for Disney. They both grew up watching probably every Disney movie ever created and spent so many family vacations at the Walt Disney World Resort, so they chose Disney as their wedding theme and Disney World Resort as their wedding place.

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons gave them an opportunity to have anything their hearts desired during their special day - the beauty, attention to detail, the magic, and most of all, the romance of a Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons made selecting Disney the easy part; trying to control their excitement was the challenge. Everything was organized without stress and with impeccable taste - don't think that disney means bursting with crazy colors, these grooms pulled it off in a very elegant way.

The ceremony was filled with floating candles, candles hanging from the trees at the front, and warm lighting around the space - this was inspired from Disney's Tangled, specifically the paper lantern scene. The cake featured some of the guys' favorite Disney movies, including Peter Pan.

Both grooms rocked stylish navy suits, Mickey Mouse patterned bows, tan shoes - so stylish! Their looks were continued in the wedding decor: the tables were laid in navy and white, with navy sequin tablecloths, white flowers and gold tableware and cutlery. White and gold paper lanterns illuminated the reception.

The wedding was very elegant and emotional, it was a real dream coming true - a dream of spending time in Disney World and a dream of marrying to the beloved man at the same time. The party couldn't be held without Disney characters present, so Mickey and Minnie Mouse were guests at the party, just for fun!

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