Weddings of the Year, 2016

Weddings of the Year, 2016


I published close to 400 real weddings on the blog in 2016 (WHAT?!) and while every single one is special and beautiful and wonderful in its own way, there are always a few that really stand out. Here are my top 20 weddings that I shared throughout the past year. Did your favourite make the list?

If you want to check out more 'best of' posts, why not check out my real wedding round ups for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 too?!)

Minimalist and simple industrial wedding
Tattoo lover's vintage Vegas elopement
Back to the Future Wedding on October 21st 2015
The princess and the pirate punk
Glamorous Halloween wedding at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Rainbow carnival wedding in the rain
Vintage, nautical and cat themed wedding
Renew, get boozed and tattooed!
DIY Disney themed wedding
Harry Potter wedding at Hogwarts
Day of the Dead wedding on Halloween
Tattoos, pumpkins and Autumnal themed wedding
Til Death Do us Part themed wedding
Down's Syndrome wedding with singing, dancing and a unicorn throne!
Pink flamingos warehouse wedding
Movie themed wedding with a kitty ringbearer
The £500 wedding planned in seven days!
A colourful Vegas elopement with the bride in a pink dress
My sister's wedding! A midsummer's daydream
Rainbow dreadlocks, a rainbow dress, fire breathers, hula hooping and bubbles!

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