35 Delicious Semi Naked Wedding Cakes - Weddingomania

35 Delicious Semi Naked Wedding Cakes - Weddingomania


A wedding cake isn't only a dessert, it sticks to the wedding theme and colors. It should continue and accentuate your wedding décor, and today you can see real masterpieces of cakery art, not just cakes to eat. You can make a statement with your cake, it will be bold on your wedding pictures expressing your personalities and tastes you love.

The hottest trend for wedding cakes is a semi naked wedding cake now, and this is for several reasons. First, it looks super yummy and awesome, it just makes your mouth water. Second, it looks adorable and chic, and third, there are more and more relaxed laid-back and just rustic weddings, and this is right the type of the cakes that matches. Now let's have a look at the yummiest and cutest ideas to get inspired.

Semi Naked Wedding Cakes

Your semi naked cake can be absolutely different: multi-tiered or individual, one for everybody or several smaller ones with different tastes and a bit different looks in one style. It can be frosted more or less, and the décor can be different of course: fresh flowers, greenery, fruits, berries, various cake toppers, macarons, glitter or all together, here everything depends on your wedding style, colors and décor.

Semi Naked Wedding Cakes With Metallic Décor

Metallic wedding cakes are another huge trend, and if you want to make your cake more spectacular, there's a way: make it half semi naked and half metallic! You can make it vertically divided or just one tier covered with metallic, or go for some metallic brushstrokes all over the cake. If you are puzzling over the color, I'd say that copper or gold look better than silver here due to the contrast with the cake itself. The décor is up to you as always: berries, fresh blooms, foliage, various toppers and so on.

Drip Semi Naked Wedding Cakes

Drip wedding cakes is perhaps the hottest trend in the wedding world now because they just make you feel that taste! And of course, drip semi naked cakes look incredibly delicious even before you try them. there are vanilla and chocolate cakes with chocolate, caramel or just colorful chocolate drip, with flowers, berries, fruit, metallic touches and all the ideas possible you can imagine. Choose a cake up to your wedding theme and décor and enjoy!

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