Festival Brides Love: Becca Photography | Les Recits De Becca

Festival Brides Love: Becca Photography | Les Recits De Becca


Before we sign off on this fine Friday afternoon, we have a quirky, alternative and fun wedding photographer to share with you. Becca Photography (otherwise known as Les Recits De Becca) is based in France but frequently travels to the UK to capture weddings. Her fun and unique photography style really does stand out from a crowd and she strives to capture not only those special moments between you and your beau but also those of your friends and family.

We asked her a few questions about her photography style and what sort of service you can expect if you were to book her for your wedding.

My name is Rebecca. I am a friendly laid back french wedding photographer. Naturally curious and adventurous, I am ready to move anywhere.

I am based in Paris but will happily follow you wherever you wish in the UK or anywhere else. Just one word and I will be on the way!!

What I like

Spontaneity, last minute plans, minimalist art, wearing leather boots all year long, ginger hairs and freckles, old French music, sleeping all morning on a rainy day, backpacking around the word, the colors of Autumns, little details that make the difference.

What I don't like

Mosquitos, days of routine, adverts in my mail box, conformism, people who talk at the cinema, crowded touristic places, having nothing to do, finishing a good book.

One of my dream life would be to go to the Burning Man festival.

For me, this festival is not only a music festival but a life experience where you can truly be yourself and enjoy it the way you want. I would choose this one for the self experiment to live in this community for a while surrounded by the infinity of the desert, amazing crazy people, nice music and beautiful piece of art. I can't wait to get to go there with my camera and discover this all world which seems like a dream for photography lovers.

So far I always got wedding at the moment of the festival but I will definitely go one day. A Burning Man wedding photography maybe... Anyone?

Few years ago, a photographer ask me to cover with him a wedding as second shooter. I wasn't expecting a lot of it but this experience actually changed my life.

I realized this day that the expectation about wedding photography had changed a lot. Many people were looking for more that classical pictures where people are posing in line beside a flower bed. I realized I might have something different to offer in this field with modern, creative and story telling images.

Since then, few years later, I am where I am and love being a wedding photographer.

Creative, spontaneous, unobtrusive and story telling images would be the words to describe my photography style.

I love to get the chance of being part of such an important moment in couple's life.

I love working with friendly couples that can sometimes become my friends.

I love that every wedding is a story and that every wedding story is unique.

I love photographing the highlights moments as well as invisible moments and those tiny details that make this day your wedding day.

I believe that the most beautiful weddings are the ones that do not try to look or not look like the others but suits the couple's personality.

I offer 4 packages and many additional options. Few fun original photography proposal (photo booth, live highlight moments polaroid printing) can bring original activities to your wedding day.

I also offer discounts on my packages for " original" wedding days (ex: atypical venue localisation / a very present ornamental theme / a different type of ceremony or traditions / the proposal of original activities during the day, etc... ).

You can expect a professional friendly laid back photographer who will accompany you before, during and after the wedding in the aim to give the best wedding pictures I can according your desire.

My work doesn't begin and finish only on your big day. I always take time before the wedding to prepare myself the best possible according to your expectations (meeting, small questionary to get to know you better, schedules of the day, photography advices, etc...).I also take a lot of time after the wedding to give the best edition and selection of pictures possible that will tell the story of your wedding day from the beginning to the end.

One thing I often listen as feedback of my way to work is that couples felt with me like if they had one more guest blended into the crowd and that is really pleasant.

The photographer is going to be following you during the all day. Getting along well and liking his personality is as important as liking his portfolio.

Choose someone that suits you, that you trust and that can make you laugh in the stressful moments (optional).

Photography is a love affair with life.

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