DIY Fabric Shirt Pockets

DIY Fabric Shirt Pockets


I love wearing suits. Not because I look so good in them, but because they have so many sweet pockets! Most of my regular clothes, outside of my jeans, are pocket-less. #Sad. If you are also forced to live this pocket-less life I've found the solution: DIY fabric shirt pockets! Best of all these pockets require no sewing.

Here are the supplies you'll need to make your DIY fabric shirt pockets:

Zazzle Custom Fabric



Fabric Glue

Piece of Heavy Paper or Cardboard

A Free Pocket Pattern

Here's how you do it:

    Print the pocket pattern on piece of heavy paper and cut along the external lines

    Place the pocket pattern on top of your piece of fabric, trace, and cut

    Now take your pocket pattern and cut along the internal lines. Place this piece in the middle of your cut piece of fabric

    Carefully fold the edges of the fabric around the pocket pattern and iron them flat. Once this is done carefully remove the pocket pattern

    Now apply fabric glue to a single edge of the fabric and press it down firmly. Repeat on each edge until they are all hemmed. Use a heavy book to hold down the fabric until dry (we suggest using War & Peace). This should take about 30 minutes

    Once your pocket is fully dry it's ready for your shirt. First take your piece of cardboard and place it inside your shirt where you plan to apply the pocket. This is to keep any glue from seeping through. Now carefully apply fabric glue along the edges of your pocket, then press it firmly to your shirt. Let dry for another 30 minutes

    Once the pocket is dry you are ready to wear it. Enjoy your new DIY fabric shirt pocket!

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