A Year of Flowers: Daffodil

A Year of Flowers: Daffodil


Have you seen the last couple installments of " A Year of Flowers" with Poppy + Mint Floral Company? Well, to usher in the whimsical beginning of spring, we're highlighting the official flower of March: the daffodil! Daffodils are transcendent beauties, symbolic of fresh starts, good fortune, hope, and new life. Wild daffodils are also commonly referred to as the Lent Lily, which represents the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter, when most daffodils begin to bloom.

Daffodils are vibrant and eye-catching with their sun yellow or white petals and frilled bell-shaped center. This quirky center can be pink, orange, white, or a complementary shade of yellow. It is surrounded by five or six petals, arranged in a loose star shape. Tall slender leaves are a perfect accent. The smell of the daffodil is radiant, deeply sweet and earthy, the signature smell of spring!

Poppy + Mint Floral Company tells us Daffodils are a flower for any occasion. But when giving daffodils, give a bouquet! It is considered bad luck to only give one. When given they are a symbol of deep friendship. They are also the official 10th wedding anniversary flower and are a symbol of good luck. Whether you give daffodils in a bouquet or see them sprawling along the countryside, to see a daffodil is sure sign of the approaching spring!

Ready to see all the beauty of daffodils captured by Sonia Savio Photography? Let's take a gander!

Absolutely radiant!

Daffodils belong to the genus Narcissus. In Greek mythology, Narcissus is infatuated with himself he was unable to love anyone else - he believed that none were worthy of his beauty. The goddess, Nemisis, had grown weary of Narcissus' vain exploits and cursed him. While looking into a pond, Narcissus mistook his reflection for a water spirit. He fell so deeply in love with the reflection, that he could not eat, drink, or bring himself to move away. Soon, Narcissus became weak, weary, and eventually succumbed to the suffering of unrequited love, turning into a daffodil (or narcissus). This is how he got his name, Narcissus. In the bell of the flower is said to be Narcissus' tears and the drooping posture of the flower representational of his gazing down into his own reflection.

Logan Doerries served as the design assistant to Poppy + Mint Floral Company, and we're pretty sure that anything this team touches turns to pure gold!

How darling is this daffodil wall?!

Michelle + Catherine of Bleu a Blow-dry Bar crafted this sweet + sultry hair and makeup combo.

Hello spring!!

Poppy + Mint Floral Company leaves us with this quote by A.A. Milne: "She turned to the sunlight and shook her yellow head, and whispered to her neighbor: 'Winter is dead.'"

photography: Sonia Savio Photography // venue name: City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA // event design: Poppy + Mint Floral Company // planning: design assistant - Logan Doerries // florals: Poppy + Mint Floral Company // wedding dress: Vintage // bride's shoes: Miss L Fire // bride's ring: Valobra Jewelry // hair stylist: Michelle of Bleu a Blow-dry Bar // makeup artist: Catherine of Bleu a Blow-dry Bar // handmade details: Umbrella from Bella Umbrella // models: Kelly Tesvich

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