4 Tips For A Perfect Wedding Cheese Tower And 38 Examples - Weddingomania

4 Tips For A Perfect Wedding Cheese Tower And 38 Examples - Weddingomania


Don't like sweets? Don't want a usual wedding cake? Look for alternatives! Cupcakes, soufflé, waffles can substitute one but we have another gorgeous idea for you - a cheese tower! Cheese towers are extremely popular instead of a wedding cake or just in addition to it, they are an absolute must for a vineyard wedding but you can rock one for other types of weddings like tropical, farm, garden and others.

You needn't a professional to make your own cheese tower, do it yourself! This way you will include your favorite tastes and save some money on a wedding cake. Here are some useful tips to make your own cheese tower.

Rock Textures

A cheese wedding cake shouldn't contain cheeses that all taste the same and have the same texture. With many cheese varieties and textures there are so many creative styling options for a gorgeous looking cheese wedding cake!

Taste Them All

Taste is extremely important. Make sure to visit a few good cheese shops and sample a dozen or more cheeses first. If you don't have a local cheese shop, a few online place can mail you a sampling package. Make sure to select a range of styles - hard, soft, blue & goat cheeses are all popular. Include your favorite tastes and make sure to order all the wheels in advance to have them on time.

Choose A Stand

Find a cake stand that suits your wedding style: a vintage white plate for a vintage wedding, a thick wood slice for a rustic, vineyard or farm wedding, a copper plate for a modern wedding and so on. Labels and toppers to name the cheese wheel will be also great to help your guests choose.


There are so many unique ways to decorate your cheese wedding cake. Fruits and berries are a perfect way to add lots of color around the cake or to certain tiers. You can also use flowers, fresh or dried fruit, herbs, cake toppers, greenery, nuts, dripping honey and of course cute labels naming the cheeses. forget about the cake stand. Rustic style round wood works just as well as a ceramic or marble base. It's also good to have a good selection of crackers & wine to go with all the cheese.

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