Rebel Wilson on Her New Clothing Line | Nordstrom Fashion Blog

Rebel Wilson on Her New Clothing Line | Nordstrom Fashion Blog


Rebel Wilson x Angels, a debut collection of cool clothes for curvy women, just landed, and Rebel herself took a break from playing Liam Hemsworth's love interest in a new rom-com to fly in for some quality face time with fans at Nordstrom Downtown Seattle. As excited Rebel lovers lined up by the hundreds, The Thread was granted three minutes (more or less) to chat with the actress, comedian, writer and now designer before she greeted the crowd.

How did your name and all-around attitude of empowerment influence this collection?

My name is used a lot in the collection, like on our pink bomber that has been so popular, basically out of the gate. I love that I have an interesting name. I was named after a little girl that sang at my parents' wedding-her name was Rebel.

I kind of feel like it's lucky I became an actress because I already have such a cool name. It's a cool name for a clothing line as well. I mean, obviously, my personality is a little bit nonconformist. I've always been that way. I'm not sure if it's because I'm Australian and we've got a bit of convict heritage. But I've always been a bit nonconforming to standards.

And certainly, as an outsider coming into Hollywood, I wasn't the normal fit. I was very, very different, and I like to use that to my advantage, and not do what everybody else does.

Do you ever feel, when you are conforming, like you're not living up to your name?

Yeah, although I am actually quite conservative as a person, which confuses people who think, "Oh, Rebel must go out and party all the time and be real loose and crazy." And I'm like, "No, I'm actually a conservative, classy girl." But if I see a way to get around something, I might do the cheeky thing rather than the norm.

You're redefining what it means to be a rebel.


You like to say that "style has no size." Is there a shift under way in the fashion industry?

Definitely, yeah. That's why I wanted to do this line. The average woman can't wear most of what's on the racks. I wanted to give her more options. And beauty standards are always changing. My body type back in Grecian times? Pretty much the standard. Who knows why that changed.

Which pieces are you most stoked on from the collection?

The bombers. I mean, they have my name on them. And the denim, because it has the Lycra technology, so you can move in them. I could've worn them on Dancing with the Stars. They're so good.

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