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Chinesische Hochzeit

wedding photo - Bridal Gowns/dresses

Bridal Gowns/dresses

Chinese Wedding Gown Modified Cheongsam Lace Bridal Qipao. Mermaid style dress #red. For traditional tea ceremony #asian #chinese #oriental

wedding photo - Gentleman Deer Lord, La-hermosa-china:   Beautiful Hanfu

Gentleman Deer Lord, La-hermosa-china: Beautiful Hanfu

South-East Asian Trident Dated: 19th century Culture: Thai or Vietnamese Measurements: 79 inches The steel head of the trident is beautifully shaped with waved outer spikes as stylised serpents and stout central spike. The lower part of the head feat

wedding photo - Inspired By These Dahlias

Inspired By These Dahlias

A flora fave of mine are dahlias. There are so many different colors to choose from which means they can be included in so many different styles. #asian #chinese #oriental