Venedig Hochzeitsreise #2

wedding photo - Venice, Italy (Breath-taking Place)

Venice, Italy (Breath-taking Place)

Weddbook ♥ You will be amazed by brimming beauty of Venice. Floating city Venice offers you a breath-taking sight which make you overwhelmed. Luxurious hotels and mouth-watering meals make Venice once in a lifetime destination. Perfect for couple to

wedding photo - Honeymoon Destination - Venice, Italy

Honeymoon Destination - Venice, Italy

Weddbook ♥ Venice, Italy is the beautiful honeymoon destination, a luxurious place that offers an essence of love. Spend your romantic time under the wonderful weather of Venice. A superbly gorgeous place full of cafe, hotels, boutiques #Italy #venic

wedding photo - Venice, Italy - GramSpiration

Venice, Italy - GramSpiration

Traveling is so important to me! It puts my life into perspective. I can’t wait to go to Venice, Italy, since the rest of my Italian vacation was so fulfilling.

wedding photo - Romantic Honeymoon in Venice

Romantic Honeymoon in Venice

Weddbook ♥ Venice- City on water where you will get famous stuff which this city claim in Italy. Spectecular scenery is a real miracle. For your winter honeymoon this place urges you to visit, snowfall, building structure - totally heaven #venice #w

wedding photo - Lovely Venizia

Lovely Venizia

~April 25, the Day of the Patron Saint of Venice, San Marco, according to tradition each man gives his beloved a red rose. Over 1000 Venetians gathered in San Marco and created this beautiful rose

wedding photo - Pink Pangea

Pink Pangea

"A quick tip: if you need a break from the crowds, turning away from the masses will undoubtedly lead you into a quiet terrace for a breather. That’s the strange thing about Venice: it’s all or nothing. Either you’re swarmed by people, or you’re comp

wedding photo -

The quintessential gondolier immediately recognized by his striped shirt and classic hat. #venice

wedding photo - Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Weddbook ♥ Venice Italy and the rest of Italy as well, but need to take a little romantic boat ride for sure.

wedding photo - Venice - Honeymoon Place

Venice - Honeymoon Place

Weddbook ♥ Venice a perfect honeymoon destination as it offers Punta Della Dogana which a great museum, market, awesome weather, luxurious hotel. Venice, Italy is a place for love birds you can spend your leisure time there with your life-partner #ho

wedding photo - Venice.


Venice CLICK THIS PIN to visit the BEST SITE for photography. #BeautifulLandscapes

wedding photo - Venice


Italy. Venice, view from the sky I've read about Italy a lot in Dan Brown's novels amd I WANMA GO THERE OMG

wedding photo - Trendy Traveler

Trendy Traveler

Venice "Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life." -Anna Akhmatova. More #venice

wedding photo - Venice Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Venice Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Weddbook ♥ Venice offers a beautiful romantic sight which make couple to spend time there in Italy. You can catch a grand canal there and various other pleasing place, luxurious hotels, delicious food make Venice a perfect honeymoon destination #gran

wedding photo - Venedig


Punta della Dogana contemporary art space in #Venice (it's the triangular building). #GowithOh #venice