Review: Fashion accesoires

Check out where to get these amazing items: Hello! Happy Tuesday! Since i'm only doing nail (related) video's, i had to think this through if i wanted to review something totally different. Eventually i thought, why not. Most people can't afford the real brands, because they are soooo expensive. But we girls, and also the men like to have beautiful accesoires. So why not replica's? If the quality and the price are good....That's why i decided to show you those great items. I hope you will like the video....i soon will show you some more products to give you a good idea how great these articles look! Let me know what you think in the comment section! xoxox By the the last 11 weeks i have lost 20 kilo's! Now i dare showing myself (sometimes lol ) How do i look???? :D --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­-------------- Social media: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: All items are purchased with my own money, won in a nailart contest here on youtube, send to me for reviewing purposes or send to me as a gift. I'm not being payed by a company for showing these brands or telling their names. I always give my honest opinion!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music credits go to: Dan-o The song is called: Starburst Dreams

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