Global Tourism Economy Forum 2013

For more information of the Global Tourism Economy Forum 2013, please go to our website at: For Registration: For detailed program: The annual Global Tourism Economy Forum was established to drive a new chapter in the tourism industries across the world with a China focus. Conceived by the China Chamber of Tourism, hosted by the Macau SAR Government and coordinated by the Global Tourism Economy Research Centre, the Forum is an interactive discussion platform designed to capture a macro view of the interplay between tourism and other major economies, and the momentum that each builds upon the growth of the other. Through discussions between delegates and tourism stakeholders, the forum will uncover a wealth of opportunities in the industry, as well as their power to drive social and economic development. By bridging the economic advantages and resources of the East with the innovation and expertise of the West, the forum aims to spark beneficial partnerships that have the power to shape the industry towards sustainable growth on a global scale.

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