Nagel-Dekoration-Idee für Prom Mit Mentos Zuckerfolie

My Spanish Channel Link: Hi, This week went by super fast for me, How was your week? I got the idea for this nail design earlier this week because I had a cold, so I asked my husband to bring some kind of minty candy for my cough, he brought these & the idea was instant, I sent him back for more. I love this candy foil because it didn't bleed out the color when I applied my topcoat. Even though I had a white french manicure background I saw absolutely no color loss. I tried 2 topcoats & it kept its color, I tried the Nutra Nail Hardener & Seche Vite. I hope you guys like this idea ~ Have a Fun Friday :) List of products & brands I used for this nail art design tutorial Basecoat Nutra Nail with green tea antioxidants For my french manicure I used white acrylic paint by Apple Barrel, but remember any white nail polish will also work great! White glitter nail polish is by Icing called Call Me Glitzy Candy Foil Wrapper in color blue & Fuchsia by Mentos (

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