Hochzeit - Not In My Backyard!

Not In My Backyard!

Sometimes I get hired to photograph weddings at Five Star resorts overlooking the pacific ocean. Other times I’m hired to photograph weddings in the backyard of a suburban house in the ghetto. Regardless of location, my goal is the same, and you all know what that is by now. So I was more than surprised when we got back from the church only to see their entire backyard transformed into a beautiful tented setting. Uplighting, table settings, matching drapes, and each table with it’s own personal touch. Really shows that it’s possible to keep it simple and save money while showcasing your creative side and having a great time. I ended up leaving at 10pm and I know the party continued into the night. (click on the photo in the first comment to see a fisheye of the entire backyard at twilight) They had uplighting against a curtain by their head table so I used my SB800 flash on 1/4th power remotely triggered with my Cactus V5 to get them back-lit like this.

Quelle : http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/95482636

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