Tips For Growing Long Hair

Links to some of my other hair tutorial videos : Hi Guys, When I uploaded my 70's feathered hairstyle video I received several requests to share my hair care routine secrets. So in this video I share my hair care routine. Thanks so much for watching & I'll see you Monday! My tips for growing & maintaining long healthy natural hair : #1 Don't wash your hair everyday. #2 If your hair gets greasy in between your hair washing days use a dry shampoo, this will absorb your hairs natural oils and it will smell good. #3 If your experiencing hair fall out, stop using conditioner. #4 After washing your hair don't brush it out until your hair has completely dried, this way you won't get any tangles & you'll avoid split ends. #5 Shampoo hair 2 x, this way you'll remove all natural oils & product residue. #6 Massage Scalp with an oil of your choice once a week, bring it down to the tips of your hair. Allow it to stay on your hair for at least 6 hours. #7 Try to have your hair up as much as possible, there's so many up hairdo hairstyles you can make on yourself that will look trendy & stylish. #8 Cut your hair tips once every 3 to 3 1/2 months. Not so much just about 1/2 an inch. "Creative Commons Attribution music by Josh Woodward" Track Title:Insomnia Link to website:

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