Nail Art Kit Essentials!

Nail Art Kit Essentials! READ ME for loads more info :) Helloooo cuties, how are you?! In today's video I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite nail art essentials! Hopefully this gives you some new ideas on storage and also introduces you to new products to add to your own kit! The train case I used in this video is by the brand Seya and you can find them here: I'm not sure if they still carry the exact same model as mine, but they have super similar ones still there! Also, like I said in the video, you can also just DIY a simple one using a shoebox if you'd like something more simple :) A common question I get asked is, “Where do you buy all of your nail polishes?” The answer to this is: EVERYWHERE! Pretty much anywhere that sells nail polish (stores and online)! The cuticle cutter, nail file, nail clipper, tape, tweezers, buffing blocks, and toothpicks are all really common and can be found at most drugstores. The brushes I use for nail art can all be found at your local arts and crafts store. For me, I buy my brushes at Michael's Arts & Crafts. They have a huge selection of paint brushes... just choose the one that you think will work best for what you want to use it for :) Dotting tools use to be a little uncommon... but now you can find them in drugstores, Sephora, etc. They can also be purchased online! The makeup sponges I always use and LOVE are from Walmart and the brand name is Swisspers Make-Offs with a brunette cartoon girl on the front. Even if you can't find these, just opt for makeup sponges that are porous-looking... this means you can see all kinds of little holes in them. The super-smooth ones don't work very well for ombres. Nail wheels can be found at beauty supply stores and also online in places such as eBay! NO-RUB by Nail Aid is the acetone gel-remover that I love to use to remove glitter polishes. It's found exclusively at Walmart if you live in the US! If you live in Canada or want to order online, go to Here is my whole video on NO-RUB that I referenced: I love to get my 3D decorations and stamping plates from this website: The nail oils can be found at drugstores and the OPI hand cream at many nail salons and beauty supply stores. I really hope you found this video helpful. What does your nail art kit look like? Please tweet or tag me in a pic on your Instagram account! Twitter & Instagram: @cutepolish Love you! Take care! I'll seeya next time! XOXO Sandi

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