Hochzeit - 16" Letter/ alphabet Balloons A-Z BETER-HH054

16" Letter/ alphabet Balloons A-Z BETER-HH054

Balloon height: 16" (38 cm) **Reusable! Balloons can be re-inflated once they start to lose air over time but they cannot deflate completely for flat storage** Perfect for: - displaying under a table - hanging against a wall - the outdoors, on trees, fences, brick walls - super cute photobooth back drop - dessert table decor Product Dimensions: Size of product (Inflated): 38 cm (Approx 16") CAUTION: Balloons do NOT come inflated. You have to fill them with air. Please note that Balloons CANNOT BE FLOATED even filling with helium.

Quelle : http://twitter.com/shanghaiwedding/status/77567925

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