Hochzeit - Laura Hooper

Laura Hooper

I regularly try to push myself to learn new things so my calligraphy and business can stay fresh and innovative. That’s why I'm so excited about the Art Bundle for Good, an awesome resource that offers more than 50 {yes 50!} art courses, trials, ebooks and other amazing resources covering every aspect of your art...for less than many individual college art courses! Personally I'm excited to take the watercolor class, still life painting {I used to paint SO much more when I was younger}, online course creator, and email marketing for artists -- all included in the bundle. The Art Bundle for Good is an invaluable resource where you get to learn a variety of artistic practices and creative business essentials focusing on productivity, marketing & of course, art. It's only available for purchase for another couple days, so don't delay! Click the link in my profile, then this pic, and get your bundle today {find it here

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bsrld47j6_3

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