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"@mypsacetom here — It’s my final shot for the the T+L takeover, folks! The last five photos posted on the T+L account have been from my travels through Asia. This is from a Thai lantern festival held in November every year; truly a wonderful event that you should experience at least once in your life! There are THOUSANDS of these lanterns let go in a very solemn ceremony. It starts quiet, meditative, with chants and incense… but when the lantern are let go, it breaks into excited yelps — pure joy and smiles. I ran around capturing photos of people as they let the lanterns go, and this shot was one of my favorites. ☺️ Hope you enjoyed my photography and I hope you follow me for more at @myspacetom."

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/btukaculyyt

Heißt das, Sie gehören Oder wissen Sie, wer es verkauft ?

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