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"Our apartment had just gotten broken into and Casey had to leave town for a business trip. He told me he wasn't comfortable with me staying at the apartment alone yet and urged me to fly back home for the weekend. It happened to be my mom's birthday then, so I called my dad and he suggested we surprise her! My dad made lots of plans for us on Saturday, including lunch and a mani/pedi with my mom and sister, and then a "fancy dinner" all together. As we were walking up to dinner, it didn't look like a restaurant at all. I figured my dad planned a private dinner for us, and when I saw a trail of rose petals, I turned to my mom and said "OMG, mom, dad put rose petals for you!" I noticed she already had tears in her eyes as she grabbed my hands in hers. She said "Nicole, today was all about me but, tonight is all about you...." My whole family kissed me and then told me to go...." Photo by @theelusivelime ❤️ PS anyone GET ENGAGED this holiday weekend!???

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bwi6gqvgqfr

Heißt das, Sie gehören Oder wissen Sie, wer es verkauft ?

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