Hochzeit - Mindy Weiss

Mindy Weiss

So very excited that @paperfashion chose my @weddingpaperdivas design to create a special memory below! #Repost @paperfashion (@get_repost) ・・・ I’m excited to present the piece that I worked on for the @weddingpaperdivas #SketchYourLove campaign, inspired by the love story of my grandmother and grandfather. After my Grandfather passed in 2008, my Grandmother relives their lifelong romance through the telling of their stories. Each time I visit, she reminds me of how she knew he was the one because he was the only man that could ever lead her in a dance (she used to be a ballet dancer). I've heard it a million times and it never gets old... especially while she's twirling her engagement ring she still wears nearly ten years after his passing. #sponsored

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bwq-spubl3c

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