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"We’ve all seen the Instagram image of the postpartum supermom: a wise, efficient, gorgeous-but-modest multitasker who glows in her delivery room photo and seems unfazed by the challenges of intrusive mother-in-laws, grumpy sex-starved partners, and sleep training. She always has a blowout, she doublefists coffee and chardonnay, she wears skinny jeans six days after giving birth; her house is chic and clean. Sound familiar? If you feel like you can’t measure up to this woman, then congratulations, you’re normal. All new moms struggle with moments of chaos, moodiness, frustration and self- doubt. And for some women, anxiety can become so debilitating that you may meet criteria for Postpartum Depression (PPD). Excessive worry can be the most debilitating component for most women with PPD. You may feel guilty about almost everything. You might make statements like, 'It’s my fault whenever the baby cries. I’m worried I’m just not cut out for this. She deserves better.' You might feel trapped, lonely, and overwhelmed. There is probably a voice in your head declaring that you are a bad mother. Trust me on the following: No one is judging you as harshly as you’re judging yourself— the people who love you will want to help once they understand what you’re going through. And those picture perfect A+++ moms who make you feel like crap? Most likely, they’re feeling pretty fragile too." — Reproductive Psychiatrist Alexandra Sacks MD (@mothermind) on how to survive Postpartum Depression! Today on the blog. Pic courtesy of @theglow. @kellystuart. #stonefoxmama

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bxqluy7fp4b

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