Hochzeit - HowHeAsked


"On the way to #Napa, we crossed the #GoldenGateBridge and Zack suggested we stop at a cool viewpoint he had heard about. A “quick 10 minute walk” was really more like a very steep 20 minute hike, but the view at the top was incredible. We were the only ones there (or so I thought). The clouds were rolling over the bridge and the sun was peaking through – it was the perfect city backdrop. Zack told me he had a question for me, but that he was really nervous.... almost as nervous as the time he asked me to be his girlfriend back at the #SadieHawkins dance in high school. As he got down on one knee, I was so overwhelmed I barely remember what happened next..." Photo by @lisadeneffephoto

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bbavncrlyum

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