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Stone Fox Bride

Three and a half years ago, on a really hot day in June, full of cramps and headache (I later found out I was like three days pregnant with #cocobeanguy), my then agent Lauren Smythe dragged me around NYC with a half-baked book proposal. I was not into it. Having given up a writing career in my early thirties after a very embarrassing attempt to sell and write a book went bust, I had given up hope in having any sort of future in publishing whatsoever. But sometimes in life you get the crazy-good luck of meeting people who see opportunity inside you that you are too dumb and fucked up to see in yourself and that day I had that crazy-good luck of meeting that person who went on to become my publisher — Julie Grau — co-founder of the supercool Random House imprint Spiegel and Grau. Beautiful, foxy, dressed-to-the-nines, terrifying and brilliant, Julie bought that half-baked proposal, put a team together and worked tirelessly to bring out the very best of the Stone Fox Bride brand in 64,263 words so that all of you could tuck it into your battered canvas tote bag and read it on your morning commute. So deeply grateful to everyone who helped birth Stone Fox Bride: Love, Lust and Wedding Planning for the Wild at Heart... especially Lauryn Smythe, Jess Sindler, Sara Weiss, Alexis Hurley, Pete Shapiro, Desiree Wichmann, Emily Isayeff, Greg Mollica, Jess Bonet, the fabulous sales and marketing team at Random House, and, of course, the man himself @mrmikeguy. It's not everyday you get to celebrate the birthday of your very first book. And to everyone else: come party tonight at Books Are Magic at 225 Smith from 630-830! @inkwellmgmt @randomhouse

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