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"The day we got engaged fell in month 7 of our 8-month around-the-world trip (we started in Asia and are now making our way through Europe!). We were in Montenegro and the morning started off beautiful and crisp. Elisha had told me a few days earlier that he'd planned a date for us and that I needed to be ready by 10am. Right around then, Elisha brought me a cup of hot coffee (not unusual), but when I lifted the mug to take a sip, a note fluttered out from beneath that said “reason #1 why I love you…” I smiled at the sweet gesture, but didn't think anything more of it at the time. A few minutes later, over breakfast, I discovered a second note. I discovered the third note only 100 yards down the road. As the day went on, I would find more notes– hidden within a city wall, in a message in a bottle (just the way he'd asked me to be his girlfriend 3 years ago...), in so many creative little nooks and crannies. Each note was another reason that he loves me...." Read the rest via the link in our bio

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bf9itp7ah-u

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