Hochzeit - Jay Cassario

Jay Cassario

It was almost hard to believe, but no matter how many times we tried to get shots of these two in the rain... the sun would come out. It rained for a good part of their wedding day, and Elizabeth was ready and willing to go all out “Notebook” style for her photos. It’s not often that a bride is willing to get soaking wet on her wedding day, so of course I loved the idea. Well, I guess all you have to do is ask for rain and the sun will come out, since that’s exactly what happened. Rain or shine though, these two simply didn’t care what Mother Nature threw at them. They spent as much time as they could together, hand in hand, soaking it all in, enjoying every moment together or with their loved ones. #twistedoaksweddings #leicacamerausa

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bjh0rfqh_b_

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