Hochzeit - Rénuphée Clark

Rénuphée Clark

| AU REVOIR | After five years of designing and creating the time has officially come to say goodbye to this amazing adventure called vintage wedding wonderland and embrace a new path. It hurts and it took me a while to find the strength but it is time for me to do what’s best for me. I am very thankful for experiencing this magical chapter in my life and I sincerely thank all brides, partners, colleagues, friends, followers and family for their trust and unconditional support. Without your love and faith I wouldn’t have been able to make this dream come true. My dream started with nothing and ends with more than I could have ever wished for. Adventure is life. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for being a part of this amazing journey. I look forward to new magic and new adventures. Thank you so much for always believing in me. Follow your heart and kick fear in the face! THANK YOU!!! ❤️

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bmeznruhnh2

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