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"When Mary Kate and I started dating, we would write notes on our receipts to our waiters and waitresses if they were extra fun with us. It was a silly little thing we did because we were falling for one another and felt happy and bubbly *all* the time. Somewhere along the way, I'd asked MK to be my girlfriend by writing, “Will you be my girlfriend? Check Yes or No" on the back of a receipt too. She said yes, of course, and a few years later we were planning our first European trip together. Instead of proposing while on vacation, I chose to propose to her the night before we flew to France (because what better way to celebrate being newly engaged than going to her most favorite place in the world the next day?). An “engagement moon” would be an excellent idea and she would not see it coming since she was probably thinking it would happen on the trip..." This one is a sweet one – read the rest via the link in our profile! Photo via @rbakery

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bny8aeflzjx

Heißt das, Sie gehören Oder wissen Sie, wer es verkauft ?

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