Hochzeit - Stone Fox Bride

Stone Fox Bride

Tikkun Olam. A Jewish concept that means “to repair the world”. “Do you think [Brett Kavanaugh] is able to hold the pain of this country and repair it? That is the work of justice,” Activist Ana Maria Archila asked Senator Flake in the elevator. Listening now to Cory Booker ‘On Being’ speak about the absence of love in civic engagement, and why it’s more important now than ever. “I hope you’re right about our evolving politics,” he tells Krista Tippett. “I hope we’re going to see more vulnerability in our politics. I hope we’re going to see some people willing to talk about their own evolution. No matter where you are the biggest thing you can do any day is a small act of kindness, of decency.” After a scarce and scary few days I hold these words in my heart and trust that you do, too. The beginning, says Mary Wollstonecraft, is always today. #stonefoxride

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bouyj4na8br

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