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Stone Fox Bride

“Tradition is what I remember most about my childhood. I think routine builds pathways in a kids’ brains that create emotional security. The home should be boring and rote. It should be the opposite of surprise. Growing up, this most regularly manifested itself every Friday night when we would have Shabbat dinner. During the week we’d sit around the kitchen table and eat regular dinner, but on Friday nights we’d gather in the dining room with china, vintage silverware and challah. My mom would light candles and say prayers. We’d wave our hands around to 'bring in the light' like my Nana did. Sometimes my mom would read some sort of postmodern feminist poem about mother earth. Sometimes it would be an erotic poem and my siblings and I would die laughing and my parents would yell at us to leave the room. Sometimes Dad would put on one of his old Bob Dylan records. There would usually be roast chicken and a salad dressed with my Dad’s tofu salad dressing, which was blended with anchovies. Dad was obsessed with an anchovy. Every Friday night now, I carry on the Shabbat tradition with my daughters: prayers, candles, challah. This ritual is non-negotiable. We hold hands. I know in a few years they’re going to be all 'Mom, this is a major dork-fest, I wanna go vape on St. Marks in my belly shirt, and I’ll be like 'Sit your ass down.'” -- Thanks to @maisonetteworld for featuring a story today called "4 Things I Learned From My Dad". Check it out on their site today... and if you're into it, head on over to my other IG account @mollyrosenguy devoted to all sorts of wildly intense life-on-life's-terms kind of stuff, like death and grief and loss, featuring 270 daily letters to my Dad who died of complications due to a stem cell transplant last January. We're the #cluboflostdaughters! And we're not going anywhere. Come hang in our lair of pure unfiltered honest emotion if you're in the mood. xx

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bpc4xo9gtuh

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